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I also used to love going to the woodcarver's cottage as a treat. Apart from the woodcarving he also had quite a number of small pets in cages - all rabbits and guinea pigs, I think. When he died a neighbour of ours - Mrs Wells of Spinney Lane - somehow got lumbered with all these animals and had to find homes for them. We ended up with a huge all-black rabbit which lived happily as a pet with us for quite a few years.

By V Richards
On 11/06/2013

I remember the Woddcarvers cottage well, my father used to take me there often as we lived in Knebworth. Then later on in life I ended up living exactly where the Woodcarvers cottage was, my wife and I brought a 1st floor flat now named New Court. I still have very fond memories of meeting Harry and enjoyed visiting knowing he always had new carvings on each visit. Marcus Drage.

By Marcus Drage
On 02/01/2013

Delightful page, nice to see the memory of Harry Macdonald still lives on. Just as an aside, is the location of Harry's cottage known?

By Tim Cornwell
On 20/11/2012

How I remember my visits to the woodcarver's cottage at Woolmer Green. I was devastated to discover that all that hard work put in by Harry Macdonald over all those years had been destroyed for ever. I had an uncle and aunt who lived not too far away in Hitchin and I would be taken to the cottage as a treat. I was fascinated by the model village and never wanted to leave. One day I hoped that I would be able to make such a village as that in my own back garden. Sadly it remains but a dream ! I still have the booklet written of A. O. Head - 'the Story of Harry Macdonald, the Woodcarver of Woolmer Green'. I wonder if he ever realised the pleasure that he brought to so many people such as myself. Thank you Harry. Rest in peace my friend.

By Graeme Duncan
On 03/07/2012

Back in the 50's there were times when the family drove down to London from Leeds in Yorkshire. I remember seeing this house on may occasions, as it was one of my landmarks for being near London. In 1982 I moved into the area and could not see exactly where the house was. Now I am working as a volunteer for AGE UK and was looking for information. What a pleasure to find that Dementia has not got me yet

By Keith Wylde
On 24/04/2012

I lived in Knebworth just a few minutes away from Macdonalds house and model village from 1948 to 1953. My memories take me back to going to see this 'wonderful site' in the pram as my brother and I were only tiny (up to 5 yrs old) and my mother and sisters would take us along to be fascinated by the animated animals. I have often thought about this over the last 58 yrs and am delighted to have found it again via google. My memories are so fragmented and blurred of these early years. I also remember Polly's Pantry...Was that in the village too or was that in Old Welwyn? I cannot recall. Any comment and information by anyone of that period would be most welcome. Sadly I lost my twin brother many years ago so I have noone to share this with.

By Anthony Brewer
On 06/03/2012