About this Project

Herts Memories is all about uncovering what you think is special about Hertfordshire. You can use the site to share your stories, memories, snapshots, research and observations of life around the County. It’s entirely up to you what you add; your memory can be of an event you attended last week or something that happened years ago.

Who is Herts Memories… for?

It is for people of all ages and backgrounds, from teenagers to teachers, families to local historians; it’s about much more than history. You could explore wildlife, the landscape, travel, art, community cultures, whatever you are interested in and would like to share with others. The website’s a place for communities to share, discover and debate. You might not agree with everything, but it’s the range of views that will keep the site lively and interesting!

What is Herts Memories?

Herts Memories is the main site in a network of community archives.
Staff from Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, Libraries and local museums work with volunteers to develop the sites.

I’d like to write about my local area

Even if your community doesn’t have a local site, you can still get involved via the main Herts Memories site.

You could set up a volunteer group in your town or village and encourage other people to get involved. Why not run a memories event, or a coffee morning where people can come together to share their memories of life in their town or village? You could also encourage your local Clubs and Societies to contribute. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

What can’t go on the website?

There are a range of things we can’t publish. These include:

  • advertisments for your business
  • political and religious slogans and logos
  • personal contact details such as addresses or phone numbers
  • things which break copyright law
  • anything which is just plain rude.

Links to other websites are included at the editors’ discretion. The editors will contact you if there is a reason why they cannot publish all or part of your contribution.

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