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  • I went to Bennett’s end secondary school in the late 1950s and 60s would love to visit s the school l am 77 now and sick with cancer and it’s on my bucket list can anyone help me find contact number l live in Derbyshire now but would love to visit we had an arts teacher called Mrs tunniclif l got my cycling test when l was there and prince phillp came o them scoop dinners spotted dick with custard my name used to be Lorraine clark

    By Lorraine hopkins (15/10/2023)
  • Hello to Hertfordshire, I am an American and my father lived in Tewin during WW2. He was a radio operator and belonged to a small group of Americans who manned an Air/Sea Rescue triangular radio station in or near Tewin during the war. There were 9 of them, I believe. They all lived in private homes with Tewin families. I was wondering if anyone remembers any stories about these Americans from that era. I remember him talking fondly about the Tewin people and how they made such an impact on the rest of his life. He even wrote a letter of thanks to the residents, which was published in the Hertfordshire Times in 1944, as he was about to depart for home. His time in Tewin was one of the highlights of his life and he always held the English people in the highest regard.

    By Don Brooks (14/02/2021)
  • I am very impressed about the existance of these page and to see that there is a community of people around there. Just ending a PhD about urbanism themes. I would like to see the references of some images, for example the original drawings of Ebenezer Howard. Thanks. Magdalena Undurraga.

    By Magdalena Undurraga (26/08/2020)
  • Hi, I see that the article about St Albans FC states that Harold Miller was not related to the two Miller brothers (Redvers and Herbert). He was actually their brother. The 1911 census has all three brothers living with their parents: –
    RG14/7712 ED14 schedule 58 4 Smith Street, Watford, Herts (5 rooms)
    Edwin James MILLER head (38) sign writer b.Forest Hill
    Elsie ” wife (37) b.Hemel Hempstead
    Herbert Edwin ” son (13) b.Watford
    Redvers Buller ” ” (11) b.Watford
    Harold Sydney ” ” ( 8) b.Watford
    Ronald Granville ” ” ( 4) b.Watford


    By david drake (20/07/2019)
  • Hi Peter. The archives at County Hall, Hertford have an extensive collection of photos of Cheshunt before redevelopment, taken or collected by the late Jack Edwards. If you can get to HALS at County Hall, you can look through them. Otherwise, if you phone the staff may be able to help you.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (28/11/2018)
  • In the first decade of the 1900’s my Gt. Grandparents lived at The Manor House. Turners Hill Cheshunt. My Gt. Grandfather was the caretaker And my Gt. Nan his assistant. They lived there for a number of years and I have been trying to find a photo of this building which I believe was the Urban District Council Offices for
    Cheshunt. Can anyone out there help?
    Many thanks.

    By Peter (24/11/2018)
  • I am trying to contact Allan Lupton as part of some research into the Gertrude Jekyll garden at Fairhaven, Sollershott West. If any one can help that would be appreciated.

    By susan friend (14/02/2018)
  • Please can anyone help I was born 67 my mum had had a fling with spanish guy who was working in 66 at batchworth arms Rickmansworth with his mum said he came fm Barcalona his name was pedro rescoe d’pravada or d’Bravada he wud bin bout 21 then my mum past last yr her memory bad for lot yrs iv tried everything to find even a pic of my father any info wud b brill liz

    By liz (07/01/2018)
  • I am trying to log in but forgotten my password.  I did the article on Doolittle Mill Redbourn.   I now have an article about Colney Heath during the war waiting. Please help me

    By George Stuchbery (04/02/2016)
  • I was born in Hoddesdon in 1959 and my mother Gertrude Gardiner and 5 children moved to Ipswich,Suffolk in 1963 with the help of social services for a fresh life after losing father. There was a social worker, Margaret Churchill who lived in Ware Rd and in a part of old Hoddesdon (near a big common land & recreation park)   lived a Doreen Banks who helped my mother and 5 poorly fed children. The last house we lived in was 1 McAdam Close, Hoddesdon. My mother was a nurse and had worked at Enfield hospital. There was an old vicar who also helped my mother by getting clothes etc (from the church ) for the children, he lived in Ware Rd too or very nearby. (I think he later became blind) A long long time ago and Hoddesdon has been built up with new housing estates. I visited once in 1975 aged 16 with two older sisters who found a few of mothers old friends but it was all too vague for me as I was only 4 when we left Hoddesdon. Another family name that rings a bell is the Slew ? family who lived near allotments I think with a dirt lane behind house. I remember visiting a very old swimming pool (not far away from Ware/Hoddesdon) in 1975 but not sure where that was,  it was near shops etc and a busy road. I wish I knew more. (we briefly had some time in Broxbourne too)  I worked on a job near Rye House Power Station in 1995 and did not recognize anything other than the sweet shop opposite McAdam Close in Hoddesdon.

    By mike gardiner (26/10/2015)
  • I’ve tried to leave a comment on the memories page but without success. Is there a problem with it?

    By jackie ellis (20/09/2014)
  • Just discovered the site. I was born & bred in Redbourn but left there after 22 years. Now living in Cornwall. Its great to see something of my old home area. The site has inspired me to dig out some photos & record memories although they wouldn’t be able to compete with the Geoff Webb collection.

    By John Anstee (27/05/2011)
  • At last I can access a site that’s focused on Hertfordshire. I only came across it today (9/2/11) and I think it will grow into a fantastic collection of memories. I am very interested in finding a road map of Stevenage, from 1960-1966. Is there any site you know of that will have this information?

    By Kevin Freeman (10/02/2011)