The Day Book of Frederick Thomas Chennels, April 1872

Audio footage of extracts from Frederick's diary

Read by Iain B

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Wed 3rd 

Dull damp morning. Dung cart in Redins Clamp. To Edward Hoar to look at pigs. Sack Chaff [of] George Chennells, St Margarets. W Draper farm privy in Orchard 1s 6d  

Sun 7th

Down ewe died 2 lambs in her  

Mon 8th

Dull fine morning showery day. Finished drill in Gt Bury Field. Fagot* Cart out of Lion Park for William Smith. Adam Davis 60 Fagots Gaddesden Park. 2 Yards* Hard wood Lion Park Elm. Roll lower meadow. 

2 Truss straw 1.6 Truss* hay Poulton 2.6. To Brightons Camp to sign agreement for Mr Halsey. Brown Cart Colt Mr Rodwell £38. 10s 0d. 10 Store pigs of B Holt £10 10s 2 Red in calf heifers of Wm. Bird  £16 10 0 & £16 0 0.  

*Truss: a bundle of hay 

*Fagot: a bundle of sticks bound together as fuel 

*Yard: cubic yard – probably in this case of firewood  

Wed 10th

Frosty morn fine.  Sold skin 5s 6d. Drilling barley in Stockindells B Holt. 4 Bushel barley Noak Mill D Groom 18s. Load Wheat of Reynolds D Groom.1 Load Wheat of Reynolds – Brackley. 4 Bushel barley Fred Halsey 18s, paid. 

Heard of Mr Bingham’s death at half past three this morning. A Davis toll’d bell  

Fri 12th 

Very fine morning frosty air. 5 Qrs Oats of Batchelor 35s Qr.1 ton of Blood manure of H Batchelor £6. 10s, 6 Bouting shares* of Davis, 2 Cwt Trefoil seed of James Hingsley 23s. 6d Cwt and 2 Cwt Clover. Received of D Fleen 2 Heifers 1 Bullock £61  

*Bouting share: a type of plough share for ridging  

Mon 15th

Very fine frosty morning. Took boys to Hemel Hempstead Drag harrow arrow and roll Stockindells. Drill 9 bushel barley bottom Stockindells. 2 Truss meadow hay George Young 5/-. Iron Hurdles from E Shepherd. Pony and Cart to Hemel Hempstead with Mrs Ivory. R Ivory and man open vault for Mr Bingham.  

Tue 16th

Very fine morning frosty air. Roll Dunhill & Copse Close top of little B Field and Common Field. Plow in Stockindells. Move Sheep in Long meadow. To Gaddesdon Cottage to follow Mr Bingham to the grave with Mr T Taylor, very great number at the church, Aged (84) in his 85th year.  

Fri 19th

Fine cold dull morning. To St Margarets Copse after poles – 16 score. 2 horses to high wood for poles for Mr Beke. Plow and arrow for Mangold. Draw out bouts for Wurzell – good tilth.1 truss meadow hay Poulton 2s. 6d,1 truss meadow hay E Shepherd 2s. 6d. Old fire place  (belongs to the Parish) to E Shepherd to give what it is worth. 

Paper for Church Wardens to go to St Albans on the 8th May. Mrs C and Boyce to Dunstable to fetch Mary Stone. Killed pig: ½ for Brackley and ½ for the house 21s. 2d. Felling trees in H Meads field dell  

Tue 30th   

Flower foaled Horse colt about 3 o’clock morn Drilling mangold Wurzell after 2 o’clock. 4 men to Grove Farm take wheat in ¾ day each. 5 pieces of Ash wood of James Halsey for 7 shillings

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  • Monday 8th April 1872 Frederick CHENNELLS would have gone to Bridens Camp not Brightons to sign an agreement with Mr. Halsey

    By John Halsey (07/11/2016)

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