The Day Book of Frederick Thomas Chennels, March 1872

Audio footage of extracts from Frederick's diary

Read by Iain B

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Mar 7th Thursday

Very fine frosty morning. 3 teams in Gt Bury field. 6 Bushel barley to mill. 1 load clover hay James Halsey £5. 5s 0d. Letter to J Peckover with cheque for insurance. Letter to Day and Son and Hewitt.  

Friday 8th            

Very wet morning, glass at rain, fine after. F Arnold to Davis’s after plow stock. 3 plows in G[rea]t B[ury] Field. 12 Bushel sweeds J Halsey for dung.  

Monday 25th 

Very cold frosty morning Glass at rain. F Arnold to H H with boys. Cart to Simeon Child shaft and step. Paid William Hart for cutting 12 pigs 4/-. Lady day Vestry 12 Parishioners present T Taylor Chairman. T Taylor F C Guardians, W Field Surveyor, G Reynolds, Watson, Austin Overseers, G Young Assistant. Gave Cottage tenants notice to pay their rent.  

Tuesday 26th

Very sharp frosty morning and very cold. Pony shod Water End 2 shoes. Cart back from Simeon Child. 1 Qr Bran of G Reynolds. 1 Sack Chaff 1 shilling Truss hay 2s 6d E Shepherd  

Wednesday 27th

Very sharp frosty morning Glass at rain. To Ashridge Estate Office after Church Rates received £3. Met W Gadsden at Offices saw Mr Paxton. Fetch coping and bricks from Bennets End kiln and pay for them and send the bill up. Drilling barley 14 bushel works well Gt B Field. 4 Bushel Oats Earl Brownlow Swans. W Riddle plant garden potatoes Farmers Glories. Very wet night Down ewe lambed. Killed lamb Sold Woodcraft 2s. paid. Very great deal rain last eve.  

Thursday 28th

Very fine morning Glass below rain. Very wet day afternoon. 2 Bushel potatoes of Fisher the gardener. 9 H B Tegs 3 H B ewes Sale.15 H B Tegs of Joseph Bunker. 11/4 load dung of H Deacon 5s paid 30 March 1872.  

Friday 29th

Good Friday. Fine dull morning. Very wet forenoon, wet afternoon, fine 5 o’clock. Ewe lambed 3 lambs 1 died. To Potton end with G Young look at road drain at Blacknells.14 H B Tegs of D Fleen 10 at 46/- – 4 at 50/- 

Saturday 30th

Fine dull morning rather showery. To station with William. 15 Sack of H Batchelor, 1 Sack bran of G Reynolds. 12 Sheep cloths from H H. 250 Bricks from Bennets End kiln Paid. Roll Clover 2 rolls and Church field. H Ing borrowed Horse and cart to fetch wood. Sold Daniel Fleen 2 Heifers & Bullock 2 to go on Monday

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