The Day Book of Frederick Thomas Chennels, November 1872

Audio footage of extracts from Frederick's diary

Read by Iain B.

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4th Mon. 

Very fine morning, wet afternoon. Cover Wurzell with thatch. To Gaddesden Cottage for Stone Cistern. Sold D Fleen calf next week £5. 5s. Henry Smith died this morning

6 Wed. 

Fine dull morning. Drilling Common Field Lt Bury field wheat. Works well, but heavy. 50 Bushel soot W Draper £1 paid

11 Mon. 

Dull damp morning. 8 hours thrashing oats, tares and beans: 20 bags. 1 load clover hay to London by W Draper: £3. 11s. 5 of Mr Sears men came to put windows in. Beer at Ivory’s. ½ ton of coal of Woodman 12s

15 Fri. 

Very fine morning. 12lbs grease of Simeon Child, Settled. Drilling Golden Dross and White Wheat in Hollins. Thatching straw rick in H[alf] Hide

16 Sat.

Dull damp morning Bull calf died after having 2 bottles Gaseous Fluid and ½ red drench – came from Barnet Fair

18 Mon. 

Fine morning, wet afternoon, very wet night. Penny reading at Gt Gaddesden School

20 Wed. 

Very fine morning, after wet night. Letter to Mr Gale, wrote letter to Mr Paxton for bricks, and wrote letter to Mr James Sear for to let him know. W Smith had lively mare to Wharf. 1 calf of Daniel Fleen 30s

 21 Thu.            

Dull damp morning. Received hare from Balderey Gave 1shilling. 1 load wheat D Groom to mill 37s, 20 bags of wheat to H H by wagon, 20 new sacks of Messenger and1 load Clover to London by Draper £3. 12s. New cart hay cloth of Messenger. Order[ed] new wagon cloth of Messenger. 2 balls of string of Messenger. Paid Mead for grease 6s

22 Fri. 

Fine dull morning, showery day. G Meacher called to see turnips. Finished drilling Hollins today very very wet and heavy. Order from Mr Paxton for bricks and cement. New turnip pulper from H Mutt.

23 Sat. 

Very windy, wet morning. Glass much rain. 2 Cows [put to] Seymour’s bull paid 5s. 2 Horses after bricks from James Sear, Piccots End. To Estate Office after cement. G Ginger. Mr. Meachers sheep came today in Gt W E Field

29 Fri. 

Fine morning, little rain in the night fine day. To Edlesborough to see John found him improving in health, foot very bad. Sweed cart out of H[alf] Hide 2 horses

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