The Day Book of Frederick Thomas Chennels, October 1872

Audio footage of extracts from Frederick's diary

Read by Iain B.

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1 Tue. 

Dull morning. Soot of sweep 3s. 6d

 2 Wed. 

Damp morning fine afternoon. Dress barley Top Barn, 9 bushel barley to mill. 5qr Oats of G C Grove 25s qr,1qr Tares of G C Grove 5s bushel and 1 store pig G Mills 31s. 6d. paid. Paid Sawyers for cutting wood £1. 9s. 11d  

5 Sat. 

Dull damp morning, fine day. Received letters and receipts for insurance. Meal from mill. Sold G Draper pig £1. 11s. 6d paid  

7 Mon. 

Fine morning, fine day. To H H with boys, then to Haydons after sacks. Order Turnip Cutter of James Davis

8 Tue. 

Dull damp morning. Drilling Winter Oats in Nightshill works well, rather heavy with the fog. Sowing Tares home corner, Drag harrow. Arrow Oats after and before drill. 9 Truss Clover hay James Halsey 15s paid. New Turnip cutter from Davis, old cutter sent back by man  

9 Wed. 

Fine dull morning. Finished drilling Oats in Nightshill before it rained. wet afternoon.To the Tithe feast: where 21 sat down to dine with Revd. Mr. Drake and Revd. Oswald Smith. Began Turnip snouting  

10 Thu.            

Fine dull morning. Sold 13 ½ qrs Barley Haydon. Sold 4 qrs Barley Haydon. Sold D Fleen 2 calves £10 next week. Order 4 loads of White Wheat of Thomas Woodman and 13 bags of Red and White Wheat of Joseph Chennels. Began plow Hollins  

12 Sat. 

Fine dull morning, red morning. Began drilling Red Wheat Golden drop in Harrysmeads field, works well, arrow 3 times. Drilling rough chaff White wheat in Blankets piece, drag harrow before drill. Very light and hollow. To Berkhamstead after Mrs. C from Aylesbury

14 Mon. 

Very sharp frost, fine morning. Mr James Sear called to look at house and cottagers doors. George Ginger had beer and was very noisy

16 Wed.

Damp, dull morning. To Estate Office to see Mr. Paxton did not see him. Wrote to him about house

18 Fri. 

Damp dull morning, wet afternoon. Settled with James Halsey about tying hay and straw up today. He owes me £1. 16s 10d and £1. 6. 3d hay. Saw James Sear about house, coming tomorrow. Received a letter from Mr Paxton about house. Signed Poor Rate for George Young. Ashridge Rifle Corps dinner, did not go, wet at night

19 Sat. 

Dull fine morning. Decorations at the Church by Revd. Drake and Mrs. Drake for Thanksgiving Service for the Harvest just past. Stray ewe came into the long meadow marked ‘S’

23 Wed. 

Frosty morning. Drilling White Wheat in Dunhill works very well, only drives a little before drill, then roll before drill after beaver*, works better. Began cutting Stockindells hedge. 1 Store pig William Butler 33s received. J Halsey bind ½ load hay Cox close. * Mid morning break for food  

26 Sat.

Very wet early morning, wet afternoon. Plow in Pipers hill rather wet. 50 Bushel Soot W Draper £1. 10s. paid. Mr Boult and John saw G. Meacher shooting over my farm.

 29 Tue. 

Very fine morning. Wurzell cart in H[alf] Hide. Arrow Dunhill and Lt Bury Field

 30 Wed.

To the infirmary with James Smith who cut his toes nearly off. Had them sewed up and left him there  

31 Thu            

Damp dull morning. 4 loads wheat to H H 40s load. Sold William Bird 12 store pigs 31s. 6d, sold G Snoxall fat hog £5 and bought Heifer from sale £15 – a blue one

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