The Diaries of Adela Capel, 16th-23rd November 1841

Audio footage of extracts from Adela's diary

Read by Charlotte Jordan

Tuesday 16th November 1841

Rose at ½ past 7. After breakfast went down to Balie’s to see the newly caught Bucks. They are both dark coloured. One of them had its throat gored by the dog. In the afternoon before we walked, I gave Fairy some Castor oil because she is very ill and then we went to see Mrs Barker.

Wednesday 17th November 1841

Rose at ½ past 7. After Breakfast had Poor Fairy taken up to the farm. She is so ill she could not walk there. I gave her to the care of Mrs Roberts. I do not think she will live. In the afternoon went to the Farm ? Fatal! ? News! ? Poor Fairy was ? Dead! It a sort of Distemper that she has died of. Alas! Alas!

Thursday 18th November 1841

Rose at ¼ to 8. After Breakfast did not go out it was snowing so hard. Sat by the fire and read. In the afternoon went to the farm to say where the poor fawn was to be buried. Talked with Mrs Roberts about her. I only wish that I had left her there at the commencement of her illness.

Friday 19th November 1841

Rose at ½ past 7. After Breakfast I did not go out it rained so hard. In the afternoon did not stir out again the weather is so intolerable. Only think to be without a fawn for rather more than 5 months. Oh Fairy, thou love of my heart, why have you left me.

Saturday 20th November 1841

Rose at 5 and 20 minutes to 8. After Breakfast did not go out so [illegible] up. Indeed I have little to entice me out now my poor fawn is dead. I shall feel quite forsaken until I have another, which I shall try and get as much like the former as possible. In the afternoon I did not do anything particular.

Sunday 21st November 1841

Rose at ½ past 8. After Breakfast could not go to Church it rained so hard. Began lessons at ½ past 11. In the afternoon we went over the house to see how many rooms there were in it. We counted 84, every apartment in the house. I then went and talked with Ravenhill.

Monday 22nd November 1841

Rose at sometime near 8. After Breakfast did not go out the ground so wet. In the afternoon I went with Miss Smart to see Fairy’s grave. She is buried in a dell under an old monument that is there and which is surrounded by Thorn trees!* Poor dear Fairy!

* There was a dog dell on the Earl’s estate, planted with daffodils, where family pets were buried.

Tuesday 23rd November 1841

Rose at ½ past 7. After Breakfast went down to Balie’s. I do not like these Bucks nearly so well as their Predecessors, they are so wild. In the afternoon about 3 o’clock we went to a party at the Colvilles and had some famous fun. We had some Charades and we played at various games. Home by ½ past 11.

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