The Diaries of Adela Capel, 17th-19th April 1842

Audio footage of extracts from Adela's diary

Read by Charlotte Jordan

Sunday 17th April 1842

Rose at ½ past 8. Went to Church, coming out shook hands with Georgie Colville. Took a short walk in the afternoon with Miss Smart, then went into the garden, tried to make some natural wreaths. In the evening wrote a letter to grandmama and told her all the news of Cassiobury.

Monday 18th April 1842

Rose at ½ past 7. After Breakfast went on Fire-Fly to the farm and to Balie’s. In the afternoon took a walk. Miss Smart came in about ½ past 5. I then took some pieces of bread to the Chickens. Let my dove out and put him on the Polly’s Perch, he did not attempt to fly.

Tuesday 19th April 1842

Rose at ½ past 7. After Breakfast first cut a turf for Lark and then took some bits of bread to the little Chickens. My dove’s eggs will very likely be hatched by to-morroe, they are already chipped. Took a walk with Miss Smart to the farm and to Balie’s, saw the Rabbits, and picked them some grass took a turn in the Park.

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