The Weather Diary of Sir John Wittewronge, June 1686

Audio footage of extracts from Sir John's diary

Read by Geoff Cordingley

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Observations of Weather, June 1686

June 7th Inned 2 little pcells of hay (being togeather 1 jog*) out of the walnutt tree pightel+ after much more had bin carryed out to the horses to eat in grass.

June 8th Carryed in 4 indifferent Jogs out of the hop orchard            05

June 9th Carryed in out of the broad hedge green at the hither end of Lower Sheepcot field 5 hansom Joggs of hay.  the ground (being measured) being but one Aker & 26 Pole              05 

10th Brought of the ramaining hedge greens of the same field 2 great loads more               02

11th Inned out of the hedggreens in Harding field 7 upper Sheepcott, 2 good loads & 2 indifferent joggs                                      4

12th Brought out of the Parck (on the right hand                               5 Jogs

14th Brought a good load from Lazarusses Orchard & out of the Parck 2 pretty Joggs more           3

15 Brought two hansome jogs out of the parck                                  2

16th (on the left hand in all 4 Jogs)

19 Brought in 3 good loads out of the horse race                              3

30 Brought a little Jog out of Long Close                                          1

28 Brought home the sinck foyle out of Long Close   So brought in out of the Parck, the horserace, and the hedge greens of the wheat season etc in all   30 loads

June 24th          Brought out of Rothamsted Mead                   6

25 Brought more out of Rothamsted mead                            13    

2 whereof Jonas Bray had; all great loads

July 1st Brought out of Rothamsted mead 5 great loads         05

2 Brought the remainder out of R: mead                                07

All save the 2 last very good loads:                                    ——

In all                                                                                  32

This was the greatest year of grass & hay that I ever remember, for whereas I had the last year but about 21 loads of hay out of all my meddowes, & uplands, this year I had at least 100 loads of hay, the last yearI had but 8 loads of hay out of Rothamsted mead, this year 31:

June 1st A cloudy day with several showers                          W:SW&S

8 A very fair & exceeding hot hay day                                   W:E

15 A misty fornoon, afternoon sometimes close with some heat drops (from thunder afar off) then clear; both sultry hott                                                          W:NW&SW

22 A fair temperate day with a pretty brisk wind                     W:W

29 A cloudy close day, sun broke out a little afternoon           W:W&byN

* A Jogg was a small cart load of hay

+ Pightle is a Hertfordshire word for a small field.

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