The Regent Cinema

Waltham Cross

By Paula Lachanudis

Electric Palace / Palace / Regent

Clayton Bros erected the Electric Palace with 600 seats in 77 High Street. The first show was, Mystery of the Great Diamond. Captain V A Haskett-Smith took over the Palace in the mid-1920s and sold it to the Shipman and King circuit in 1931.

The Regent

The Regent, as it was now known seated 700 and offered a car park for 100 cars. In the mid-1930 S & K were anxious to enlarge to meet the growing demand, but they were thwarted in attempts to acquire enough adjacent land. This led them to build the Embassy across the road. The Regent finally closed in 1973 to become a bingo hall. The premises is now completely transformed and is the health and beauty club Eternal Youth

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  • I saw my first film at the Regent back in 1952. Sadly, only the entrance hall, which was on the left when facing the building, survives. The auditorium was demolished during the ghastly and ugly redevelopment of what had been a delightful little town.

    By Kevin Wheelan (04/11/2020)