Was Mrs Tiggy-Winkle a Hertfordshire Hedgehog?

Jennifer Ayto

Catherine Davis

Birth of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter was born on 28 July 1866.  Much has been made of her childhood in London and holidays and her later life in the Lake District but an exhibition at Mill Green museum in 2010 revealed that some holidays were spent with her grandparents at Camfield Place in Essendon.  This exposed the influence of Hertfordshire on her writing and illustration.  See this article for more information.




The expression “Hertfordshire hedgehog”  has been known to be used to describe someone born and bred in Hertfordshire



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  • What a nice idea that Mrs Tiggywinkle came from Essendon. Does that mean she had to move to the Lake District? I have a picture of hedgehog surrounded by packing cases!

    By Ruth Herman (27/07/2016)