Henry Moore Foundation photo gallery

The sculpture park at Perry Green

By Richard Brockbank

At the bottom of the park, I noticed this horse and carriage passing between the well-tended fields.
Richard Brockbank

I visited the Henry Moore Foundation sculpture park at Perry Green, near Much Hadham and Bishop’s Stortford, in 2006. It was a lovely sunny day and I took photographs of all the outdoor sculptures.

I haven’t included captions for most photos because I don’t know the names given to the sculptures, but if you know the names or want to suggest other captions, feel free to comment below and I will add them.

Click on an image to see a larger version, and again for a yet larger one.


Henry Moore made sketches as well as sculptures, and his representations of sheep are among the most popular of his works. He sketched the sheep as they grazed in the fields surrounding his studios (you can see what presumably are the descendants of those sheep in these photographs). I understand they inspired his monumental bronze sculpture Sheep Piece, which may (or may not!) be one pictured in my gallery.


These and many of my other photos can be seen here, on my Flickr pages.

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