A Bricket Wood artist - Ruth Welyczko

A gallery of selected works

Old Bricket Wood
Ruth Welyczko
The Old Mill
Ruth Welyczko
The Old Fox
Ruth Welyczko
The Old Fox c1990
Ruth Welyczko
Bricket Wood School
Ruth Welyczko
The Old Rectory
Ruth Welyczko

Ruth Welyczko is a local Bricket Wood artist, who has been drawing since her childhood. This is a small selection of her work along with modern photographs of the places depicted in her paintings.

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  • Lovely to see THE OLD FOX PUBLIC HOUSE MENTIONED, as a child I lived in Garston, on a summer evening my parents and I would walk to The Old Fox and stop for refreshment ! We would sit on the seat outside and I was given a packet of crisps and a glass of lemonade, what a treat that was in those days. I am eighty eight now.
    I know that during the war years American servicemen loved The Old Fox and quaintness of it.
    My father enjoyed playing darts and cribbage there and of course the occasional pint !!!
    Dad and I would go blackberrying on BricketWood Comon, we also gathered chestnuts and hazel nuts, ( Cob Nuts ) no,sweets to,be had in those days,

    By Denise (18/08/2022)
  • Have only just seen your comment above, John. I’m afraid Ruth died in June 2017. I’m sure she would have loved to have been able to share memories of Bricket Wood with your father and would send him her very best wishes if she could.

    By Sylvie (one of Ruth’s daughters) (02/03/2018)
  • My father H E John Babb knew the Rixon family . He lived in North Riding from when Mr Christmas built the estate until 1962. he is now 88 and would like to contact Ruth. We have some old photos of bricket and lots of memories to share. I`ll have to contact by Email as we live in Spain.

    By johnBabb (18/08/2012)