Memories of Wickham's of Ware

Photographs of workers in the 50s and 60s

By Jean Gilby

These photographs were taken by the late Ian Webb who was a worker at Wickham’s in the 1950s.

He was a time-served apprentice through the whole engineering process, the company being involved in the manufacture of railcars for world-wide distribution.

We don’t know the identity of most of these men so if you recognise them please add a comment below.

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  • My Dear Grandad Charles Cutmore group photo top left , , Many many so wonderful memories of a loving Grandad , bless him , Worked in the wood shop for around 50 years ,

    By Michael Sharp (29/05/2020)
  • Ian was nicknamed spiegal (German for mirror) by one of the foriegn workers in the machine shop because he always had a smile on his face from then on everybody used it

    By Charlie p (19/11/2017)
  • The man next to Mr Bill Roberts is Fred Stringer.

    By Peter benfield (13/01/2015)
  • extreme right standing is my late father Reg Burgess.

    By sandra mardell (05/03/2014)
  • The chap second/third from the left on the back row (in the dark overalls) looks like my uncle; Tony Andrews. He was an employee at Wickham for many years until made redundant by its closure.

    By James Malyon (19/03/2012)
  • Perhaps I can add to Mick Nottage memory. From the left Back Row is Charlie Cutmore, ? , John Walsh, Jim Spencer, Percy Carter, Wally Brown. Centre Row is Billy from Ghana, Arthur Bassill (Foreman), George Pearce, George Willshire, ? . Front Row iis Brian Godfrey, ? , Walter ‘Boxer’ Clift, George Patmore. Have checked with Percy Carter (who will celebrate 90 years in January) to confirm my memory. Can anyone else add to the names?.

    By Don Clare (30/06/2010)
  • Served my apprenticeship with Ian. He had the nickname of ‘Spiegal’, I’m not sure why.

    By Michael Nottage (06/06/2010)
  • Bill Roberts colleague is Fred Stringer. He was the chargehand on the gear cutting machines and I served a period under him during my apprenticeship at Wickham.

    By Michael Nottage (06/06/2010)
  • I believe this person having a lunchtime nap in the machine shop, was Dennis Head.

    By Michael Nottage (06/06/2010)
  • This photograph was taken in No.1 fitting shop, where the small rail inspection cars and gang trolleys were assembled. I should remember the names of more people than I do but time blurs the memory. Third from the left at the back is John Walsh, and in the front row extreme left is my very good friend Brian Godfrey.

    By Michael Nottage (06/06/2010)