Office Staff - Cooper of Berkhamsted - 1950s.

no.4 in the Coopers series.

By John Halsey

This is a photograph of Staff at Coopers of Berkhamsted.  Number 4 in the series taken outside the offices in the early 1950s.

My late Grandmother, Edith Annie HALSEY, is seated in the second row fourth in from the left of the picture. She lived in George Street, Berkhamsted.

Perhaps some ex-employees might recognise themselves.

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  • Edward Verney 1885 worked going to Buenos Aires and Uruguay for Coopers. Do you know if he is in the photo ?

    By Karen Tomlin (04/01/2021)
  • i think that is my Aunt in the back row, fourth from the left. Phyllis Saunders, née Holliday.

    By John Holliday (12/03/2015)