Tesco childrens' party

Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt

Tesco childrens' party

People in the picture: Mrs Green, welfare nurse, Doreen Emerson; Kevin Noonan.

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  • I think the little blonde headed girl with her head turned sideways towards Mrs Green is me. My Mum was Doreen Emerson & we emigrated to Australia in 1967. I have wonderful memories of spending time with Mrs Green after school & also the wonderful pantomimes organised by Tescos for children of their staff. Mum with Joan Tomlinson, Doreen Dodds & her “second daughter” Barbara. 

    By Jean Forsyth (nee Emerson) (07/02/2015)
  • My Mum tells me that this was taken in 1964 or 1965 and was a Tesco children’s party at Dairyglen House in Crossbrook Street – now housing. Mrs Green, the Welfare Officer, gave Mum a ticket for me – even though at 3 or 4 I was too young to attend!

    By Kevin Noonan (11/03/2012)
  • Hi yes you were cute, any idea when this photo was taken? approx Regards Susan

    By Susan Loxton (17/10/2010)
  • God I was cute! Ist on the left, front row.

    By Kevin Noonan (25/05/2010)