My early memories

Running away!

By Christopher Masters

In 1932, when I was 4 years old, I first ran away from home.  I think the reason that I got out was that I had a new brother in the house.  I turned left into Harwoods Road to go to school in my mind, but when I got there the gate was locked, so I started to walk up Hardwoods Road to the workhouse, which is now the hospital. Then I remembered that my grandma had a butchers shop in Vicarage Road.  For some unknown reason the shop was shut so I carried on down Vicarage Road and I went down this alley way behind the memorial mason’s yard into Watford Fields behind Benskins Brewery and I went on to play with the kids in the playing fields there.  They got a bit nasty so I turned round and came back but found myself in the High Street going towards Queen’s Road which I recognised because my favourite shop was in Queen’s Road.  I went in to my favourite shop, Trewins and I ended up in the toy department in the basement.  I was found behind a curtain in a motorised toy Bentley.  I was sitting in this ‘driving’ it, but my elbow kept knocking on the curtain and I was found out by a shop assistant.  I was taken upstairs where there were two people who knew who I was and where I lived and took me back home on the bus.

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