Lockdown Poem

by Rushil, age 11

The key worker heroes wake up early not knowing what the day is going to have.

They work with great pride and courage for the country to get out of this international pandemic

Risking their lives putting them at risk all of this to save lives. Day and day I worry my mum, my dad at work,
I come to school surrounded by other children who were in the same situation.
We work on chrome books and only see friends on a screen.

Longing to meet our beloved family
Hoping they were ok

People queuing and queuing and people letting the key worker heroes pass
Everyone clothed and covered in gloves masks and aprons
The supermarkets are as empty as the arctic
The food gone pasta, bread, flour, toilet roll and eggs
People panic buying storing the food the cupboards all full
Eating scarcely the simple food

Barbecues burning cooking the food smoke rising in the scorching hot air

The time this lockdown is finished the parties will start
Families reuniting socialising
Funerals going for all those people whose loved ones were lost
This pandemic will go down in history by one of the worst diseases that has happened

However hard these times may be we will always stand as a country to fight this disease.

This page was added on 01/05/2020.

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  • A very sensitive piece, thank you for sharing your lockdown poem. a sad insight with a wonderfully positve note at the end. Fantastic writing.

    By Kerry Lanigan (12/05/2020)

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