Willian grotesques

By Nick Connell

Willian Grotesque
Nick Connell

This is one of the grotesque carvings found at the top of Willian Church tower.  I saw it while putting together a photographic exhibition of Hertfordshire gargoyles and grotesques in 2001.  The Willian grotesques had recently been restored or replaced as the 600 year old originals had virtually worn away.  Although it was a very cloudy day and the carving of the skeleton was fairly small it stood out thanks to the quality of the craftsmanship and sinister nature of the subject.

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  • There are hundreds of other photographs of Hertfordshire gargoyles and grotesques held at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies in a collection with the reference DE/X1024. The book ‘All Saints and Sinners the Story of a Village Church’ by Peter Harkness (1999) has a chapter with photographs of the Willian carvings.

    By Nick Connell (13/05/2014)
  • Are there any more of these images available?

    By debbie bent (06/05/2014)