Hertfordshire Churches

Pictures of all Hertfordshire Anglican, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches and an increasing number of other groups too

By Andrew Wood

Over the past year and a half I have been putting together a site that aims to illustrate Hertfordshire’s Churches. As of 16th November 2014 all Church of England, Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches both in and out of use in the modern county. This site includes those bits of Middlesex (Potters Bar, South Mimms area) that were transferred to Hertfordshire in 1974, but my other site includes the parts of Barnet that were moved from Hertfordshire into the London Borough of Barnet at that date.

I have now moved on to covering other Christian group’s buildings and there are now 50 Methodist, Baptist, URC, Quaker, Salavtion Army etc churches covered. More will be added to try to complete their coverage.

It has a “Find Places, Architects & Themes” menu and a search box above to explore the site and Hertfordshire’s churches.

I’ve been photographing churches for several years, especially since my retirement in 2011.In December 2012 as I had a good number of photos of churches in the county it seemed a good idea to share them, especially as there seemed to be no comprehensive site for Hertfordshire’s churches. From a fairly casual state it has now grown into a reasonably systematic coverage of the county.

Rather than building a new website I decided to use the WordPress blogging software that seemed to offer a very quick and efficient way to build what is basically a reference directory, even though the software is designed to produce an online diary. Each page is built using a simple template into which text, pictures and links can easily be added. Using the category feature it is also easy to add some indexing for each church, enabling simple pages for a location or architect to be displayed at a click.

At first I just included up to four representative pictures of the outside and if, if possible, the interiors. As time has progressed I have added more pictures for each church. Some of the original pages still exist but these will have extras added as I get round to going back through the collection or re visit churches. The original descriptions were also very short and these are now a bit longer and all the pages will be brought up to the same standard.

From the start I wanted to link to the church’s own websites and the directories available for the Church of England and Roman Catholic church.Where applicable a link to information for buildings on the Statutory List of protected buildings is also included. For Roman Catholic churches I’m now adding a link to the excellent “Taking Stock” site.

My other main source of information is the Hertfordshire volume of the Buildings of England. This is now quite old, the second edition having been published in 1977.  Other information comes from church guides, local authority local lists and for stained glass Robert Eberhard’s Church Stained Glass Windows site

This page was added on 18/04/2014.

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