School Carolling

Holy Tinity Bengeo

By Ben

Holy Trinity Church, Bengeo
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

When I used to go to Bengeo Primary School, about seven years ago, the whole of Key Stage 2, at Christmas time, would walk down to the parish church, Holy Trinity, to sing Carols and Hymns. This is one of the few memories I have of activities my school used to do and it was most definitely enjoyable. Me together with all my friends enjoying ourselves, happy not only because it was not long till Christmas but, also having a fun time together. The vicar making us feel welcome, as we would always feel a bit nervous being in such a large place, at least to us youngsters, with quite a few grown up strangers. Afterwards we would always leave feeling slightly happier.

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  • i was a victim of danesbury approved school in warren park road bengeo 1957 -1961, come rain or shine we were marched to this church every sunday morning for the church service , a have to say that i was confirmed in this place but neither i or my parents were allowed any say in the matter at all ,this turned me from religion forthe rest of my life im afraid, as i had no real idea of what on earth it was all about and it just seemed like yet another mind less[you do as we tell you or else exercise ]

    By kenneth robson (25/03/2013)