The bells of St Peter's Church, Tewin

Susan Hall

In 1673 five bells were cast by Anthony Chandler of Drayton Parslow, from the metal of the five bells mentioned in the 1552 Edwadian inventory, viz:- "Three bells hanging in the steeple, a sanctus bell and two handbells"
The treble was recast in 1799 by John Bryant of Hertford, his foundry was acquired by Mears & Stainbank of Whitechapel in 1825
Documentation found within the church records deposited at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, show that in 1887 a "specification of work necessary to be done in repairs to the tower, bell fittings and louver windows, at Tewin Church". The cost of the works was £45 0s 0d. This agreement was entered into on 4 June 1887 between John Gray of Hertford, bell hanger, on the one part and the Churchwardens of Tewin, Herts of the other part. DP/106/6/6
An estimate from John Gray of Hertford was also given to "take out the old bell frame to make and fix new bell frame of Enfield Oak, to supply a new treble bell, to make a complete peal of six, all well in tune". The estimate for this work was £112 0s 0d This estimate was never undertaken. DP/106/6/6
In 1913 the bells were quarter-turned and rehung with completely new fittings and an oak frame. The frame was made so that a sixth bell could be added in the future. DP/106/6/6
In February 1939 Tewin's bells were assessed by Mears & Stainbank as to there condition. unfortunately the second page of this document is missing. DP/106/6/7
In September 1939, an estimate was received for the addition of a new treble bell. The new teble was to be 2 feet 1¾ inches in diameter and weigh 3¾ cwts. The total cost for the work was £70 4s 0d DP/106/6/7
The new treble bell is inscribed Arthur Coleman Vidler, Rector 1912 - 1930
Here you can see the makers name on the Treble bell. Although the treble was fitted in 1939, because of the Second World War, this bell was not rung until 1945.
The treble bell and the second ( the old treble prior to 1939) as they are in the bell frame, in the 'down '
Here you can see the tenor bell, which is in the 'up' position, with the fourth and fifth in the down position
Here you can see the tuning marks on the tenor bell (all those scratch type marks) and the dents where the clapper has hit the side of the bell in the past.
This is how tuning is done now, a much smoother look to the inside of the bell. Whitechaple Bell Foundry.
St Peters Church, Tewin
In May 2020, some maintenance work needed to be carried out on the bells at St Peter's, Tewin. Whilst the bells were silent due to Covid 19, the work was undertaken by Taylor's of Loughborough, once businesses were allowed to start back at work. Working on the bells at St Peter's, Tewin
One of the clappers removed from the bells at St Peter's, Tewin
One of the clappers coming down from the bell chamber, through the trap door on a piece of rope
One of the clappers coming down from the bell chamber, through the trap door on a piece of rope
The six clappers that were removed from the bells at ST Peter's, Tewin for refurbishment at Taylor's bell foundry.
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