Goffs Oak Farms

By Iain Bickerton

Brooke Farm, Cuffley Hill, 1919.
Iain Bickerton
The Colesgrove Farm gate, date unknown. This farm was located near the top of Halstead Hill. It was probably 17th century, and was once part of the manor of the Rectory.
Iain Bickerton
Woodgreen Farmhouse, Silver Street, August 1970.
Iain Bickerton

Goffs Oak has long been an agricultural community, and incorporates many farmlands.

Three such farms are Woodgreen Farm, Colesgrove Farm, and Brooke Farm.


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  • Re Micheal Hansen
    Interested to see your name come up did you live in The Drive your dad ran the Smithy garage a sister called Ann I believe just wondering if that is yourself 🤔🤔🤔
    Derrick Harris

    By Derrick Harris (21/08/2023)
  • I worked at Brooke Farm after school school holidays
    from 1953-1955 Mr Thomas was the Farmer and a very nice guy, also Mrs Thomas.

    By Michael Hansen (15/08/2022)
  • My Dad , John Baker , also worked at Brooke farm for Mr Thomas .

    By Julie kilby (03/06/2020)
  • Those of you that remember Brook Farm when it was a diary farm do you remember a man working there called Jerry Adams and lived in one of the cottages at the top of the field on cuffley/station road?

    By Wendy Toft (29/09/2019)
  • In 1943 I was camping with the 71st N London Scout Troop in ? Bog Farm A V1 Appeared over the end of the field at 3-400Ft heading directly for the camp, The engine cut out and as the V1’s did (we had seen quite a few by this time) it banked off to the right and fortunately for us but so sadly for the village , blew the whole street to rubble.. I as the
    acting Scoutmaster (17 years old) hurried to the village only about 400 yards,(\the sight I have never forgotten ( I am now 91 years old) -Just rubble! burning timber, and shopkeepers and cottagers dead amongst the ruins including a young mother and her very young baby, the whole little community gone in one great blast! A few men appeared and we dug around in the rubble with our hands until the emergency services arrived
    We struck camp And next day hauled the trek carts back to our H.Q. hut in Hornsey N. London about 15 miles. There was a War on. we got on with things.
    I never did hear any more

    By Dr Ronald Caiels (05/02/2018)
  • I worked on Brooke farm when it was owned by Mr Thomas in 1953 to 1955. I was still in school in 1953 but worked after school in term time and during the school holidays. I believe the farm is now run by Mr Thomas son David

    By Mike Hansen (23/09/2017)