Memories of Goldings in the 1990s

Early Memories

By Carol Futers

Goldings in the 1990s
Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

I remember discovering Goldings soon after we moved to Hertford, about 15 years ago. We used to walk there from Bengeo through Molewood, taking a picnic with us. My children spent many a happy afternoon playing in the grounds with their friends.

I always thought that the house itself looked rather sad. It was owned by the County Council and had fallen into a state of disrepair. The house has now been restored and converted into luxury apartments and the gardens have been landscaped, but unfortunately the public are no longer allowed access – we can only catch glimpses from the road.

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  • goodness I was here on an art course, when parts of the stables were used by ware collage

    By k.pettet (16/06/2018)
  • Nice to see Goldings again as is was when I used to go there during my employment at HCC Highways Department. What a pleasure it was to work in such a builduing, instead of these functional modern offices. I was at Goldings from Dec.1987 till June 1990. I used to go on top of the roof for a smoke, climbing up the tiny round staircase, passing thousands of dead bees and spider webs everywere. Fortunately, the old wooden door on top was not locked. During the times spent there smoking, I enjoyed the marvelous views and carved the name of my first child into a brick at the wall. Wondor if “ZORA” still exists? Jürgen

    By Jürgen Bergmann-Syren (02/07/2012)
  • For further information and facts on Goldings please visit our Goldings site ,or perhaps add further info which enables me to complete my History on Goldings.Many thanks in anticipation Dave.

    By dave blower Goldings 1962-65 (20/01/2011)