Watford & District Isolation Hospital

help with research

By sue shrimpton

I wonder if anyone can help me I am doing research into the Watford & District Isolation Hospital which used to be in Tolipts Lane, West Watford does anyone have any memories of being in there that they wouldnt mind sharing.

Aso has anyone ever heard of Dentons Hospital, it closed around the time the Isolation Hospital opened in 1896.

Many thanks in advance for any help given

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  • I was in the isolation hospital for 2 months in1963. Aged 10. It was an extreme illergic reaction to penicillin. At first they had no idea what I had but that was the eventual diagnosis. I nearly died
    I can remember being in the glass room, long days and very very few visitors allowed
    In other rooms was a baby with whooping cough and a couple with typhoid

    By Julie (11/12/2021)
  • I stayed in the isolation hospital, I think around 1945 due to suffering from scarlet fever. At that time the nearest public transport was to Watford West and therefore involved my parents about a mile or more walk to visit me and even then they had to stand outside and shout through the windows, and it was Winter as I recall being there over Christmas. Maybe I should add that I was about 5 years old.

    By Eric Ball (30/08/2020)
  • I had a stay in the isolation hospital in 1948 suffering from infantile paralysis. If Sue Shrimpton wants any feed back please contact me.

    By John Baldwin (16/07/2012)
  • have you googled it there is a dentons isolation in dartford – lots on the web

    By ann (12/09/2011)