Park Lane


By Paula Lachanudis

Borough of Broxbourne

Park Lane, Cheshunt

This large area of grassland and woodland forms a green ‘heart’ to the Borough. The park has a rich history and was the subject of a ‘Time Team’ investigation in 2001 in which they uncovered part of Ermine Street, the Roman Road from London. The majority of the site is managed as wildflower meadow with hay cut once a year

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  • Hi Rea. I don’t know exactly when the houses were built, though my guess would be between the wars. Park Lane was a country lane along the boundary of Cheshunt Park, although the original estate of Cheshunt Park was probably more extensive. On the Tithe Award (1841) the land on the other side of the lane, where the houses are now, seems to have been agricultural fields, although there were a handful of older houses along the lane.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (20/06/2018)
  • I’d like to know history of when houses were first built on park lane. What was the land that is now houses. WAs it a pathway or a road prior to houses being built

    By Rea ahmeti (18/06/2018)