The Wheelwrights Public House

Goffs Lane

By Iain Bickerton

The Old Wheelwrights Arms, 1959
Iain Bickerton
Old Wheelwrights Arms, July 1970
Iain Bickerton
The 'New' Wheelwrights, May 1971
Iain Bickerton

The Wheelwrights is a public house located in Goffs Lane, close to the Brynfield Nursery.

The Wheelwrights was build to replace a smaller, early-nineteenth century pub which used to be located opposite. This earlier pub was built in 1809, and went by the name the ‘Wheelwrights Arms’. It was purchased in 1844, by a wheelwright named Richard Rich.

It wasn’t until the early 1970’s when the pub changed its name and relocated to the other side of the road.

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  • Do you Remember Tom Jackson?. Do you remember Percy the chippy? Do you remember Brian (the mothball) Deller?

    By Elsie Simms (23/06/2022)
  • My dad Jim Sinclair was a regular in this pub from the 1970’s up until he sadly passed away in 2000 from lung cancer at 57 years of age me and my sisters and child hood friends have fond memories of being in this pub having coke and crisps in the pub garden . growing up in Goffs oak Avenue .

    By Sue Sinclair (01/12/2021)
  • I have asked McMullens what was on the site before they built the present Wheelwrights, but they are unable to help.

    By Michael Coe (05/01/2020)