British School Cheshunt 1938

Miss Day's class at the British School, Cheshunt, 1938

Recently on the Herts Memories website, I saw a picture of teachers in 1940 at Gew’s Corner School, Cheshunt. Ex-pupils including me, were providing names and comments.

I’ve just been looking through my photos and found one of myself and other children in Miss Day’s class at the British School (College Road, Cheshunt), taken in July 1938.

The pupils are:

* Boys in the back row, left to right: Jack Irons, Roy Gull, Dick Maddocks, Ronnie Macleod, Bill Smith and Kenneth Wilkinson;
* Girls in the front rows, left to right: Audrey Grimwood, Dorothy Jeffkins, Sylvia Hammond, Rita Peckham, Audrey Beagley, Violet Bodman (me), Rita Thompson, unknown girl and Pamela Chaplin.

The Grimwood family had a sweet shop on Clarendon Parade. Rita Thompson married young and went to New Zealand. Pam Chaplin married Jack Edwards, librarian and author of ‘Cheshunt in Hertfordshire’ (1974).

Does anyone else remember the British School from this period?

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  • I have just been googling various things as my Dad, Dick Maddocks, passed away at the weekend aged 93 – I can’t believe this was the first thing I stumbled upon and I picked him out in the photo, before I saw the names. I wish I could have shown him this….

    By Kristina Lane (10/03/2022)
  • Sorry Jan, but that is not my sister ‘Toby’ . James Gayler 27/11/2020.

    By James Gayler (27/11/2020)
  • I think the girl on the end (right) is Violet Gayler (known as Toby).

    By Jan (21/11/2020)
  • My sister and I went to the British school in 1933.I knew all the girls and boys. In the photo. I used. to visit Dorothy .every time I came back to Cheshunt until she passed away several years ago.Audrey G came to my 21st birthday party I got married in live in Horley Surrey near Gatwick Airport.I am 92 yrs old and hope to go on for quiete a few more years.

    By Jim Green (29/10/2020)
  • Many thanks for posting this. It’s a bit before my time, but Miss Day was later my headmistress at Burleigh. I remember the Grimwoods’ shop, and Pam and Jack Edwards were family friends.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (04/04/2018)