Burleigh School Cheshunt

Has anyone any photos of the school

By Kenneth Stocker

Hi, I was at Burleigh  school around 1959/60 starting in the infants until I left to go to Turnford school does any one have some photos of the school or do they remember the Stocker family.

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  • I’m hard pressed to come up with years when I’d have been at Burleigh. However, based on Nicholas Blatchley’s account, perhaps I started a year or two prior as I think he’s a similar age to my brother (also named Nicholas) who is two years younger than me.
    Oddly enough, the only other name I recall is also Ian. I remember Ian in a blue jersey, I’m sure that helps!
    And that he liked prunes but not custard. I liked custard but not prunes and sometimes we’d come to an arrangement.
    Perhaps he wasn’t there the day when I elected to dispose of the prunes in the bushes but got nabbed by one of the dreaded ‘Dinner Ladies’.
    My only other memories are of coloured buttons, the pin-on kind. I think you were supposed to pick your favourite colour and my choice was red. Also remembering a brother and sister (new kids) with last name Pappas or something like that.
    I am pretty sure I had Miss Drew, but the name Miss Day rings a bell too.

    By Gareth Ridout (26/05/2017)
  • Hi Nicholas. I don’t recall you either the only name I can remember is an Ian Barker. If you do find any photos it would be nice to see.

    By kenneth stocker (21/05/2013)
  • Hi, Kenneth. I was at Burleigh from 1959 to 1965, although I don’t recall you – maybe we were in different classes. I don’t think I have any pictures of the school, but I’ll have a look. Have you seen the articles here about Burleigh School with pictures – you can find them here , here and here.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (21/05/2013)

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