Burleigh School Cheshunt

Has anyone any photos of the school

By Kenneth Stocker

Hi, I was at Burleigh  school around 1959/60 starting in the infants until I left to go to Turnford school does any one have some photos of the school or do they remember the Stocker family.

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  • Wow those were fantastic days I went to that school 1970 to 1975/76.
    I remember Mrs Hickman And Mr Dollard
    Punes and custard.Greens
    And cheese and bacon flan I loved school dinner s….them little bottles of milk
    My best friend was Robbie Nickolds we lived in Rowlands close .he lived at no.43.us at no 81
    And auntie vilma at no 28
    Those were the best days of my life

    By Ricky Thorogood (07/04/2024)
  • Hi, Mark. Yes, our families were all friends. The Ridouts had a minibus, and I remember us all going on an outing together on one occasion, though I can’t remember where to.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (08/11/2020)
  • Hi Gareth and Edwin Ridout, I think our parents were friends; you left for America in the mid 60s and gave us your camping equipment. My parents were clearly sociable as they knew Nick Blatchleys parents too. Hi Nick.

    By Mark Edwards (08/11/2020)
  • Further to Gareth Ridout’s comment, I was in the same class as Edwin Ridout, – a relation, maybe? He was born on 15/10/1949 – same as me!
    We all left in the Summer of 1961.
    Our teachers were: Miss Elkins, Miss Stovold (became Mrs Parker), Miss Childs, Mr Cuthbert, and finally Mrs Hickman.
    We moved down to Herts. from Liverpool in 1956, where I had first started school, so I missed the first year and a bit at Burleigh.
    I still have our class photo from 1961, but I am not on it as I had to go for an interview.

    By Christopher Edge (04/10/2020)
  • I’m hard pressed to come up with years when I’d have been at Burleigh. However, based on Nicholas Blatchley’s account, perhaps I started a year or two prior as I think he’s a similar age to my brother (also named Nicholas) who is two years younger than me.
    Oddly enough, the only other name I recall is also Ian. I remember Ian in a blue jersey, I’m sure that helps!
    And that he liked prunes but not custard. I liked custard but not prunes and sometimes we’d come to an arrangement.
    Perhaps he wasn’t there the day when I elected to dispose of the prunes in the bushes but got nabbed by one of the dreaded ‘Dinner Ladies’.
    My only other memories are of coloured buttons, the pin-on kind. I think you were supposed to pick your favourite colour and my choice was red. Also remembering a brother and sister (new kids) with last name Pappas or something like that.
    I am pretty sure I had Miss Drew, but the name Miss Day rings a bell too.

    By Gareth Ridout (26/05/2017)
  • Hi Nicholas. I don’t recall you either the only name I can remember is an Ian Barker. If you do find any photos it would be nice to see.

    By kenneth stocker (21/05/2013)
  • Hi, Kenneth. I was at Burleigh from 1959 to 1965, although I don’t recall you – maybe we were in different classes. I don’t think I have any pictures of the school, but I’ll have a look. Have you seen the articles here about Burleigh School with pictures – you can find them here , here and here.

    By Nicholas Blatchley (21/05/2013)