Christ Church Infants School, Ware, 1963

Class photo

By Jean Gilby

The class of 63
Jean Gilby

My son Keith Gilby is third from the right on the second row from the back.

The lady teacher on the left is Miss Thomas.

I’m not sure if the Headmaster was Mr Blundell or Mr Westbrook. Can anyone remember?

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  • Oh how I loved Miss Thomas! I am Deborah Howlett in the middle of the back row, butter wouldn’t melt. I remember the Nissen huts, the wonderful playing field and the forbidden sweet shop was run by a Miss Jury. Fruit Salads and sherbet dips! Mrs Blundell smacked my hand with a ruler, but I never got the cane. Mrs Smith was my best teacher, she took my class for the last two years. Stuart Andrews shut her in the class room cupboard once, we were terrified !
    I loved Christchurch, made friends, loved reading. Jackie Trim, Christine Prince, Lyn Mason, Dawn Tully, and Paul Noble with the amazing grey eyes.

    By Deborah Gaudin (14/04/2023)
  • Hello,
    Are there any students of Ms Watlings class 1981/82. Mr Westbrook was the Principal. I was blessed to have Ms Watling an amazing teacher. Would love to hear from any students from her class. I was the only Sri Lankan in her class for an year until my dad finished his scholarship at All Nations Christian College. I have fond memories of the school, the Church, the sweet shop and many kind students.

    By Amritha (24/10/2022)
  • What about Stuart Andrews,Les Bowden,John Bell,Richard Wheeler,Sue Jarvis,Ian Ball,Mike Skinner,John Nolan,Les Davies(?),Janice Newman

    By Neil Chapman (02/01/2022)
  • Does anyone remember my father Graham Chard who also went to this school in the 1960s or his mother Mrs Doreen Chard who also went here earlier and before he did . I’m his daughter who also went here in the 1980s Emma Chard has anyone got some old photos with them in it thanks

    By Emma (22/10/2020)
  • Fantastic memories I was there 1963-1968 I remember Hilary Mitchel, Helen Westbrook, Lyn Mason, Jane Kale, Peter Castle, Neil Chapman, Richard Wheeler, David Smith, Cliff Hutton etc etc. The metal cups at lunch in the church, the bright coloured doors showing the house colours for the old classrooms out in the Field. I remember the Head changed as I joined it was Mr Blundell but changed to be Mr Westbrook. I remember we used to go in crocodile up the high street to the Priory for the swimming pool lessons, I remember doing the lifesaving courses there jumping in clad in pyjamas etc And of course the sweet shop across the road Mrs Drury’s

    By Trevor Pym (11/11/2019)
  • Some of us were lucky to have that ‘special’ teacher that inspired; well mine was Miss Brooker in Ware. She was my teacher in the first and second year juniors. She instilled in me my love of classical music, reading and photography. If anyone has any info I’d be grateful.

    By Phil Jeremiah (28/06/2019)
  • My sister, two brothers and I attended this school from 1966-1969 when we relocated from Derbyshire. Mr Westbrook’s daughter (? Helen) was in my class. I remember that football was only played with woolly balls because of all the windows down the side of the playground. My teachers were Miss Brooker (later Mrs Wallace), Miss Kay and Mrs Smith. I think Mrs Smith was the deputy head- scary but a great teacher! I attended 4 different junior schools but this one was far and away the best.

    By Anne Robinson (29/01/2019)
  • That’s me Paul Warren front row left, aged 60 now living in Australia

    By Paul Warren (11/07/2018)
  • Indeed, it is me on the far right sitting cross-legged. I can recall this photograph being taken as I was originally placed at the far right end of the back row. However, I was perilously close to falling off the end so Mr Blundell sent me to sit at the front, which is why the very front row is slightly off centre.

    By Andy Le Mottée (21/07/2013)
  • As already stated the head at the Time was Mr Blundel I remember him caning children at the front of the class & I remember the morning assemblies in the Gym / Hall & going to church. I was in Ms “Conons” class but My Brother had Miss Thomas. I remember the school meals & Two dinner ladies one nice one & another not so nice. I was in the same year as Heather Westbrook & I think her younger brother John was possibly in my brothers year, the smallest daughter had not started school. I think we moved away in the summer of 1963. So it depends on the time of year that the photo was taken as to whether Andy is in it or not. I know I moved by 1 class during my time there. There was a sweet shop not far from the front gate. I had already been at 2 schools by this time, one the far side of the “Priory” Park in town from Barley Ponds road – from summer 1960 – when WCC reopened & the first at Fen drayton from Christmas 1959 to summer 1960.

    By Mike Le Mottee (15/07/2013)
  • Addendum -Front row right hand side end probably Andy although it could be myself, except I don’t remember being in Miss Thomas’ class. I was Slightly chubbier than my Brother – but we were not much different in those days. I seem to remember we all waited in the school yard on the first day waiting our names to be called as we split into classes, so it would have been summer – Winter of 62-63 lasted until Easter! Really Bad Snow.

    By Mike (15/07/2013)
  • I am 5th from the left in the middle row (Hilary Mitchell) the headmaster is Mr Blundel – who famously jumped into Ware swimming pool in his suit during a swimming gala when he thought a child was in difficulties. Our teacher is Miss Thomas .

    By Hilary knight (09/09/2012)
  • The Headmaster was Mr Blundell at that time, Mr Westbrook succeeded him in 1966. I went to the school in the early 80s (I loved it!) and he was there then; a nice man who i think died around 1990.

    By Serena (26/05/2010)