Offley - scenes from the village

Offley School c. 1903
The school c. 1920
A view of the village in 1906
Offley village 1917
High Street 1928
The Street
A view of Offley from a postcard posted in 1932
School Lane
A view of the church in 1874 - a watercolour by Alice M.A. Baumgartner
The church as it is today
The Vicarage 1915
Offley House
The windmill in 1874 - a watercolour by Alice M.A. Baumgartner
The remains of the windmill tower at Mill Farm. This picture probably take in the 1950s.
Offley Holes Farm 1916
Lower Offley
A mystery photo taken near Offley September 1940 - can anyone identify these people?
Offley Road 1903

Offley is a Hertfordshire village, halfway between Hitchin and Luton.

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  • Its good to see these pictures as iv just remembered my Grandfather saying (I am 82 years old now,) My Gt Gt Grand farther Charles Marlow born 4-11-1849 died 1884 married Mary Ann Harley born 1851 died 1884 all the marlows came from Little Offley or around the area. so I suppose one of these people could be a descendant of a Marlow.

    By Brian Charles Marlow (23/09/2020)
  • We have members of staff at the Green Man in Great Offley that look like these people. Not saying they are offspring, but the likeness is uncanny! Alec Goodwin

    By Alec Goodwin (19/10/2010)