St Catherine's School 1969

End of year photos

By Jean Gilby

These two class group photos were taken in 1969. Do you recognise yourself in the pictures?

My daughter Elaine Gilby is seated second from right in the top photo, the teacher on the left is Mrs Lygo.

My son Martin Gilby is in the centre of the front row of the bottom photo and the teacher of that class was Mr Thomas.

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  • Robert. It is Trevor Maskell bottom right, not Trevor Maxwell. You remembered very well though. Vince Burr

    By Vince Burr (09/10/2022)
  • Andy, I saw your comment about football team photographs and I have added the two that you and I were in. The title of the relevant page is ‘ST CATHERINE’S JMI SCHOOL, WARE, 1969-1971’.

    By Chris Cony (02/04/2021)
  • the name is JANE Carter not jenny
    the name is DEBORAH Thurgood
    somewhere there is a photo of st catherines football team in green and white stripes taken in front of the nature reserve
    but i don’t know whose got i wished i did
    I remember the ruler incident does anyone else
    sorry for the corrections

    By ANDY CLIBBON (10/02/2021)
  • I’m in the top photo, 4th from the left, in between Michele Rainbow & Melanie Carter (?)
    Anne , was Knight

    By Anne Healy (11/10/2020)
  • The teacher on the right hand side in the top photo is Mrs Brooks. She lived in the corner house in Presdales drive. I attended this school until 1970 then moved to Fanshawe next door.

    I have fond memories of this school and Mrs Brooks who I remember reading “the lion the witch and the wardrobe” to the class on friday afternoons.

    Happy days

    By John Stock (19/11/2019)
  • 2nd Photo. Teacher is Mr Thomas. Pupils are:
    1. Ian Carter, John Roebuck, Kerry Roberts, Claire Burns, Leonie Cooper, Jennifer Ball, Jenny Carter, Trevor Illott, David Rodwell. 2. Phil Taylor, Robert Indge, Steve Woods/ Mead, Andrew Friis, Anthony Pike, Vincent Moles, Vincent Burr, Christopher Coney, Teresa Brett, Jennifer Chapman, Maria Cataldo, Sharon Maxwell, Helen Flowers, Karen Thurgood, Karen Smith, Karen Lamie, Susan Fordham, 3.Andrew Clibbon, ?, Simon Fulwell, Martin Gilbey, Nicholas Green, Ian Brough and Trevor Maxwell.
    I remember many other fellow pupils during my time at the school, but I guess that must have left before or did not make it for the photograph. I hope that these names will trigger further memories!

    By Robert Indge (12/09/2019)
  • omg that me 1st boy from left second row from top

    By Philip Taylor (17/07/2012)
  • O my god there I am at the other end to Elaine second in. Next to Elaine is Stella butcher and I could most likely name al The rest

    By Louise (02/04/2012)