The mechanisation of the harvest

Ruth Herman

Hay Baler at work Tollgate Farm

Takng the manual labour element out of the harvest meant greater efficiency and Colney Heath agriculturalists were ready to embrace the benefits of the advance of techncology.


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  • Hallo…….I do remember harvesting with a horse and binder which produced sheaves of corn which then had to be stood up in stooks of about 6 or 8 sheaves.
    These were collected on a trailer pulled by a Fordson tractor, taken to a stack yard, heaped into stacks and
    all in good time when the threshing machine arrived
    with a steam engine pulling the equipment needed to
    thrash the corn stacks. All done by combine harvester now, of course. This was during the war
    years around the Wormley West End area.

    By jim bamber (10/12/2017)