Dennis Dudley, Bengeo

Dennis Dudley

Dennis Dudley, lives in Bengeo, has been a Hertford resident all his life. These are his Memories  collected at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies Jubilee event 20 May 2022:

“I know the former Mayor of Hertford, David Paul, same age as me

For a V.E. day party, Mr Taylor, shut the road at Port Hill. All went outside, chairs and tables, he put on a massive spread, with decorations from one side of the road to the other.

When I was about 11-12, they gave us half a day to come up to County Hall to the mains steps to see the Queen Mum. She was lovely, younger then and Queen then. “

Dennis “met Prince Charles, a lovely man, at Sandringham. He was going to the church from the big house. Camilla was there, Hugh Grant and some others. The police at the gate let me in to go down. “There’s not many down there but you’re welcome. You’ll see him go by”. Dennis stood next to a lady who lives at Sandringham and sees the royal family often. Prince Charles asked her how she was and she told him. “How’s your knee?” She said that she was going to have to go down to King’s Lynn for an operation. He said to her “I hope everything goes well for you. Let me know next time I see you.” Prince Charles said to Dennis “what are you doing here this cold day?” “ I was just visiting my wife’s family” “Were do you come from?” “Hertford” “I know Hertford” and he shook Dennis’s hand and asked about his football team as Dennis said he was going back to watch the football. I said I supported Spurs. He asked “What’s their expectation?” “Not very good” I said.”


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