Life in Lockdown - a poetic view

© Aurora Sampson

Under Lockdown I have been trying write creatively every now and again, whilst reflecting on the current situation. I set myself a challenge to write a poem using some randomly generated words in the poem. So using an internet random word generator to generate a selection of words, I wrote the following poem:


Life in Lockdown 

Breathe into the deafening sound of the shutting of a drawer,
It’s axiomatic my dear Watson,
The value of a brief jog shall not be underestimated 

Now is not the time to be finicky in the supermarket,
We shall have license to sing,
Whilst we make gainful discovery indoors

Always indoors,
Be invincibly nervous about the last of the rice,
Evaluate the promise of a sunny day 

Always inside,
Begin new ways of being social and apart,
Listen to the one-time unusual message from the Crown

Protect more than three,
By being inside,
Always indoors

Periodic cups of tea,
Disintegrate the monotony

Hall-based meandering is straightened to just the few rooms,
No unnecessary trips,
To here, there and everywhere

Buzz cuts must be happening in absentia,
Take homely photographs with your camera of your dear esteemed friend,
The sofa

It is time to be motionless and sincere,
We have never been so fresh or so exultant at eight pm on a Thursday,
We are branching out into the exuberant banging of metal

To celebrate those who tread the battle lines so diligently 

Here we have time to appreciate,
To be considerate,
And to yawn a substantial yawn to mark the end of the day


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