Live it still, live it well

Life under lockdown

Negativity is rife, the strife online, outside changes day by day

Uncertainty beyond windows, doors they are closed.

Remaining closed, until anxiety subsides

Busy, a time of opportune Listening to the tune of birdsong morning, noon night feeling alright we’ll get through this together under the same moon stars, rainbows and light

Walking through the same fields, smelling the same flowers, the world is different but the beautiful world around us is the same Isolation? Communities, online activities, technology! So many things to do, read, learn, watch – so many ways to connect

So, why so glum, everyone? This is your time to grow And slow down for self-compassion exploration connection learn a lesson the lesson that life goes on uncertainty is certain but life goes on so live it still live it well just live it even within the limits


This page was added on 12/06/2020.

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