Surprisingly more active during lockdown

Angela Ludow, Operations Officer, Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies

My workspace at home

Working from home for the past four weeks has been challenging to say the least. I have had to get to grips with new forms of communication in the form of Microsoft Teams and Whatsapp, as well as the usual texts, emails, phone calls and Skype with instant messages coming at me from all sides.

For the initial 8 or 9 days I found the change in working environment very stressful. However things have now fallen into a more regular pattern and routine and I feel fortunate that I can still work and contribute fully in my role. The routine and structure are so important for my ability to cope mentally and emotionally in such challenging times. I only watch the news once a day and have re-discovered audio books which are a joy.

The most pleasing thing about working from home during lockdown apart from more time spent enjoying my garden, is the hour of time I now have that used to be spent commuting. I use this time to march up and down a hill near my home sometimes in the early morning but more often in the evening as soon as work is finished.

My work in the office is usually quite sedentary and although I would try to get up at least once an hour and walk around the room or go and speak to colleagues rather than send an email, I always felt that I sat far too much. The brisk walk I now take each day is an excellent way to unwind physically and mentally and gives me a way to feel positive about myself and the current situation. The beautiful weather has helped too.

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