Vaccinations, a new hope?

I've had my Covid Vaccination
Covid-19 vaccination record card

Exactly a year to the day the first lockdown started I made my way to Ware Priory to be vaccinated against Covid 19.

I am in the over 50 group of people and had been contacted to book an appointment by a text message. My appointment was booked centrally rather than through my GPs surgery. On booking I was relieved to be automatically assigned a second date in June.

I was surpisingly nervous walking to Ware Priority, I assumed I would be having the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which had received a lot of negative publicity over the last few weeks. Some Counties had stopped their vaccine program, whilst the data was being assessed, so it was a leap of faith myself and others like me were undertaking.

Volunteers with high viz jackets directed me to the Priory; took my details and told me where to sit in the hall. This was the first time in over a year I was sharing a communal space with strangers and it felt so alien. It’s surprising what you get used to!

Inside the hall people were being being directed to about eight seperate tables where a nurse was administering the vaccine. After people vacated their seat a volunteer cleaned each chair before the next person was asked to take a seat.

When it was my turn, my details were checked again, and I answered a few questions on whether I was experiencing any Covid symptoms and whether I was on any medication. I was receiving Astra Zeneca and after only 15 minutes in total I was on my way, hopefully vaccinated against this devastating disease.

All the volunteers and NHS workers who were helping on the day were so friendly and efficient, they were making sure you were ok, and explaining the process every step of the way. The café in the Priory grounds were offering a free cupcake (with a tea or coffee of course!)  for everyone who had been vaccinated, a very welcome and friendly gesture.

As I made my way home from Ware Priory, it felt like there was hope after a long year of isolation. I got home and donated to Arm in Arm, who are fundraising for a worldwide Vaccine program through the World Heath Organisation. I felt lucky and wanted to share this hope with the rest of the world.

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