Smallpox inoculation

Sir Thomas Dimsdale (1712-1800)

By Llinos Thomas

Thomas Dimsdale
Hertfordshire County Council

Sir Thomas Dimsdale travelled across Europe to Russia, where he earned the undying gratitude of the Empress, Catherine II, by inoculating her son, the Grand Duke Paul, and other members of her family.

He also set up an inoculation house in Hertford, and was the author of several books on smallpox.

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  • The inoculation house was built in the corner of the grounds of his residence Port Hill House in Bengeo and is still known as “The Pest House” on the corner of what is now Byde Street and Fanshawe Street. At that time the private driveway to the house ran straight from Bengeo Street along what is now Cross Road and into Redwoods.

    By Marilyn Taylor (19/05/2012)