Snowy Herts

In days gone by

S Williams

Ice skating in Hertford, 1880s
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies [Arthur Elsden]
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
St Mary's Church, Watford, 1908
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
Frozen fountain in Welwyn Garden City
Elstree High Street
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
US Airman from Nuthampstead Air Base, WWII
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies [398th Bomb Group]
George Street, St Albans, c1900
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies [Kent Collection]
German P.O.Ws in Berkhamsted High Street
Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies
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  • I remember snow in the mid sixties it was early May first night of swimming club the staff at the swimming pool had the heaters on high all day the week before we was at Hatfield the indoor pool that swimming club used in the winter

    By Karen Baker (12/06/2021)
  • I seem to recall a period of snow during May when I was at primary school in the early-mid 1960s.

    I hated the school playground in snow – other children used to enjoy making slides and the ice became as transparent as glass. On a tarmac playground I always feared a hard landing!

    In April 1964 there was a period of snow in April which lay on the ground. I was excited and nervous in equal measure as we were due to take the family car all the way up to Scotland to see relatives. 400 miles in a little Austin A30 in the middle of snow!

    I well remember the bad winter of 1962/63. The snow lay on the ground for weeks. The brussel sprouts in the garden were ruined – you couldn’t snap off the sprouts from the stalks they were that frozen!

    It was great making snowmen. There were brilliant sunny days – although it was very cold – with dazzling blue skies. I remember watching the vapour trails from trans-atlantic jetliners crossing above.

    The TV news was always on about the weather. On one report I remember watching lines of double decker buses frozen up and out of service.


    By RH 1958 (28/09/2014)
  • the picture of the p o w ‘s clearing the pavements in the high st, Berkhamstead 1945. I think is wrong it was taken in Harpenden. the Lady who is crossing the Road between the three men on the Pavement is heading towards were the war memorial stands to Day. also if you turn right on the road were she is walking you will come to church square. the lady walking across the Road to the Left is crossing the A6 Road to st, Albans.

    By Mr. Patrick Boyle (10/09/2013)