UFO Hemel Hempstead.

Unidentified Flying Objects

By Alan French

The following are extracts from Alan’s Blog (That is me.) The blog appears on The Hemel Hempstead Movie Makers website Please bear in mind that these were written for a fim making club and may at times seem a bit esoteric.  But I would also stress that I have had some strange experiences which have made me wonder about ghosts and life beyond this planet. But that does not mean to say that there are no rational explanations. I can be more open minded than people may think. Now here are the extracts:-




As our meeting finished on May 20th 2009, I left the club room. It was a pity that the cameras were packed away. It was at this point I saw some lights. Their pattern were in an oblong formation or shape. They were whitish/silvery in colour with some red. There was from at least some of them, flickering. I was under the impression that they may have been a single body that contained the lighting. The movement did not seem that of an aeroplane or helicopter. Just before they disappeared, another member, saw something, as a result of my calling out. Unfortunately, the remaining members leaving The Carey Baptist Church Hall, missed seeing them. I do not know if they were humouring me or not. But I am serious. I did see something. Irrespective whether it was something simple, boring, disappointing or sensational, it, at the time of writing, is still a mystery. Until the lights become IFO (Identified Flying Object) status, then they must remain at a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object Status) I have some rational ideas. If anyone also has any ideas, please let me know.

Alan French. May 21st 2009.


The following extract has been severely edited by me as the original contained information that may not be suitable for a local history website.



Elsewhere, I have referred to a U.F.O. sighting. I would like to add more to that, and fetch in the film media, a little fact, and even reference to this blog spot.   Firstly, the one that was witnessed by me and partly by another member, is not the first strange thing I have seen in the sky. The first time I saw an unidentified flying object was with a friend, John Blackman, in 1956. There was something on just after school. We were going home to have our tea. It was whilst walking down a lengthy driveway from Bennetts End Secondary Modern School, (now part of Longdean), leading into Hill Common. We suddenly saw a strange glowing orange ball in the sky. It seemed to be on fire or whatever. It was hovering over near the Great Elms Road area.We got a closer look at it shortly afterwards.   About a year or two or after I was walking my dog, Flash, in Belswains Lane. For some nights running, I saw a distant green light flying across the sky. Satellites were in their early days. I am suspicious that it was one. I read a newspaper report some years later, that a satellite had crashed into the sea. It gave off a green flash of light. So,that is why I think that the second UFO, was one of these. But the first one? Your guess is as good as mine. It was just plain weird.   However, in the world of reality,when they lose their UFO status and become IFO’s, they turn out in most cases to be disappointing. Most UFO’s are found to be weather balloons for example. But some still remain a mystery.

Remember, U.F.O. means Unidentified Flying Object.

I.F.O. means Identified Flying Object.

Some people think that the term UFO was created originally in the 1940’s when they were first seen. This is not true. The term UFO may well have been created in the 20th Century. But they have been seen for hundreds of years. For example, the mass sighting over the city of Basel in Switzerland in 1566.

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD MOVIE MAKERS: Just think; there we were taking pictures outside. Then we went inside. Then we packed up our equipment. Then we leave. Then a UFO in the form of an oblong of lights is seen. How frustrating! Just think. If the UFO turned out to be an alien space craft, and the aliens proved friendly, we could have signed them up for a science fiction drama!   Alan French. 2009.

Useless Information:-Kenneth Seeger of Finchley Cine Society,who had narrated at least two of our documentaries, at one time, was a jobbing actor. He appeared in the television version of QUATERMASS AND THE PIT as Dr. Klein and has acted as a cyberman in TOMB OF THE CYBERMEN with Patrick Troughton as Doctor Who.

Richard Wordsworth wanted to have a private showing for his friends, of the Hammer cinema version of THE QUATERMASS EXPERIMENT in which he appeared. The projectionist was our Alan Willmot.

Former member Tony Rogers, visited and witnessed the location part of Hemel Hempstead for QUATERMASS 2.

William Russell acted as one of The Doctor’s assistants in the earlier episodes of DOCTOR WHO. He lived in Hemel Hempstead.

The Daleks appeared at a childrens Christmas party in our industrial estate.

Whilst on a publicity mission in Hemel Hempstead for a Doctor Who event  with Jon Pertwee, a Dalek said hello to me. So I said hello back.

The afforementioned Richard Wordsworth was descended from famous poet William Wordsworth.

There was a British sci-fi film called MESSAGE FROM MARS released in 1913.

Do you know that a pharoah in ancient Egypt saw UFO’s?

I once passed Jon Pertwee coming out of a shop in Birmingham.

I have never been abducted by aliens.

Alan French. 2009.

Extra item for this article.

Are you aware that Watford is given important reference in the second cinema version of Doctor Who with Peter Cushing?

Alan French Copyright 2010.


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