Hertfordshire's Mobile Library Service

c1960 - 2015

Herts Archives (library collection)

Little Hormead, Buntingford, Furneaux Pelham – just three of the villages visited by the mobile library on its fortnightly tour of East Hertfordshire. The film was commissioned by the Foreign Office, presumably, to present British society as efficient, educated and caring to audiences overseas. Librarian Sally Jenkins clearly derives much pleasure from her work, which she also regards as a hobby. In 2015, the mobile library ceases to continue its service for inhabitants of some of the remotest areas of the county. The alternative to the service is for the local communties to set up “community libraries” and volunteers to carry out a home delivery service. A sad farewell to a truly pioneering and worthwhile service.

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  • Sad, very sad, that public services, under this government, have been ruthlessly cut.

    Is the education of our tax paying citizens, of all walks of life, ages, locations and income levels so blatently ignored and deemed superfluous to a well rounded poulation?

    This is not only happening to rural library services, but to all libraries in higher populated areas as well.

    By Bill (25/05/2017)
  • The Duck pub was at Burnham Green, not Datchworth.

    By Laurian Snowden (nee Stephenson) (15/04/2017)