Hitchin Evacuees

Hitchen Rural District Council Evacuation Service, Report from Survey Register, 25 May 1939


Evacuation will be carried out in a period of 3 days as follows:

First 36 hours              School children with teachers and helpers

Second 36 hours         Mothers with children under school age, expectant mothers and other adults to be officially evacuated

Travelling arrangements are now complete and you are advised that arrivals in your parish will be approximately as follows:

            First day          50

            Second day     50

            Third day         69


Each evacuee will have been provided with rations estimated to be sufficient for the first 48 hours, so that householders will not be taken unawares. Rations consist of:

1 tin of meat – (2 tins for each adult)

2 tins of milk – one sweet and one unsweetened

½ lb biscuits

1 slab chocolate, all in a carrier bag

Read by I Murray, aged 8

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  • Well done I Murray! Very well read

    By Tim Read (13/05/2020)