Ratcliffe & Wardell

c.1941, Hemel Hempstead Road

By Geoff Webb

Freddie, Charlie, Peter and Eric
Geoff Webb

These London evacuees came to Redbourn. Left to right: Freddie and Charlie Jnr Ratcliffe, Peter Wardell and Eric Ratcliffe. The picture was taken at the end of the Wardell home garden in Hemel Hempstead Road, near the railway line.

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  • Our family has a copy of this photo too. Eric was my great grandad, and Freddie and Charlie were his brothers. @Alan Wardle, do you know what the links are?

    By Charlie Ratcliffe (23/03/2013)
  • Come to think of it there were also links to the Ratcliffe family through Peters Grandfather.

    By Alan Wardle (14/08/2011)
  • My father was Peter Wardle born in 1928 Could this possibly be him? He came from the Uxbridge area in London? Looks like him. There were links to Hoddeson in our family to the Peters or Howes?

    By Alan Wardle (20/11/2010)