WW2 Hertfordshire Air Raid Damage by District

Number of bombs dropped

H.E. = High explosive

I.B. = Incendiary bomb

P.M. = Parachute mine

“Flies” or V1s = Flying bombs popularly known as ‘Doodlebugs’

L.R.R. = Long range rockets, abbreviated to V2 or rocket.

Hertfordshire DistrictH.E.I.B.P.M.“Flies”L.R.R.
Baldock Urban8100
Barnet Urban42450341
Berkhamsted Rural6410823
Bishop’s Stortford Urban160401
Braughing Rural28812501084
Bushey Urban9190021
Cheshunt Urban863503107
Chorleywood Urban863503107
East Barnet Urban42400271
Elstree Rural10320022
Harpenden Urban611600
Hatfield Rural206300010226
Hemel Hempstead Borough842001
Hemel Hempstead Rural1421292
Hertford Borough31457212
Hertford Rural45847907811
Hitchin Urban2612
Hitchin Rural42047007115
Hoddesdon Urban3414500422
Letchworth Urban28376
Rockmansworth Urban694661
Roystan Urban271502
St. Albans City418
St. Albans Rural36842097
Sawbridgeworth Urban751000111
Stevenage Urban9243
Tring Urban33272
Ware Urban721
Ware Rural418500753
Watford Borough15148621
Watford Rural29316345
Welwyn Garden City Urban3212002
Welwyn Rural5932213
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