"Seeing It Through" WW1 Community project - Ware event Oct 2016 Display 3

Ware "Map of mourning" showing Ware men who died in battle during WW1 or soon after, from their injuries.

Ware Map of Mourning

Thanks to John Wing who is a trustee of   Ware Museum – he kindly leant us his Ware “Map of Mourning” for our display at both the Ware and Thundridge events.   The map depicts Ware as it was during the 1914-1918 period.   On the map, John has meticulously recorded with pins, each Ware soldier who lost his life during or soon after WW1.    It is an amazing visual representation of  the enormous loss experienced in Ware and there is barely a road visible without pins showing loss of life.

For further information, please contact Ware Museum.

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