Zeppelin Bomb Crater


By Geoff Webb

Zeppelin Bomb Crater
Geoff Webb

These inquisitive villagers are studying the Zeppelin bomb crater, the result of a bomb dropped onto a Redbourn field on 3rd September, 1916.

Only names known are Bill Quick (4th from left) and Arthur ‘Jim’ Dayton (extreme right).

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  • Thankyou for this interesting information. Geoff Webb

    By Geoff Webb (17/07/2011)
  • During the raids over England the Zeppelins would use bombs as ballast, and a number of bombs fell in Hertfordshire fields because the zeppelins wanted to gain height. On the same night several fell in fields at Markyate for this reason. This bomb may have been dropped by Schütte-Lanz 11 (the German airship that was shot down at Cuffley) or Zeppelin L16 (which would probably have dropped ballast bombs to rapidlygain height when it saw the SL11 going down in flames. For more information about these raids (including a map) see http://www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk/links/zeppelin.htm

    By Chris Reynolds (03/06/2011)