Ayot St Peter - Ayot Green

Images of Ayot Green

By V Richards

Ayot Green around 1904 or 1905
Ayot Green around 1905
Ayot Green c. 1905. The Smithy can be seen in the background.
The Smithy, 1907
Ayot Green
Ayot Green
Ayot Green
Ayot Green c.1910
Ayot Green
Ayot Green
Horse & Jockey PH at Ayot Green, 1944
Ayot Green
View of the Post Office, Ayot Green
Pond Cottage - this is now known as Little Ayotte Cottage
The Waggoners PH at Ayot Green, 1946
The Red Lion PH in 1905. At that time (before the A1(M) was built) this pub on the Great North Road was included in the parish of Ayot.

Ayot Green is an important part of the parish of Ayot St Peter, and once contained shops and a post office. The buildings around the Green are now all private dwellings, except the Waggoners PH.

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  • Your photo of the Waggoners public house reminded me of the year 1942, I aged 9 years cycled with my mother from Slip lane, Nup end, Old knebworth, to visit my mothers cousin, during this visit I learned of previous visits made by mothers family before the 1914-18 war. This visit being made by horse & cart from Broadly common, Essex, 5 children+, 2 adults, made life difficult for the animal, and when a hill was encountered, the rule was,”everyone out”, this journey took allday, we take so much for granted now that most people have personal transport, these visits would have been regarded as wonderful although very tiring for all concerned, Happy days. Tom Gilby

    By thomas gilby (14/08/2010)