Evacuees to Weston, nr Hitchin, Hertfordshire

The following list of names was retrieved from a discarded school pencil box that belonged to a resident in a Baldock nursing home. The resident had intended to research what had become of the evacuees that were billeted to Weston in the Second World War but unfortunately this was never completed.

If anyone recognises any names then please do get in touch!

Cyril Albert
Jacqueline Albert
Anita Butcher
Tony Butcher
Peggy Coombs
Tony Couper
David Couper
Michael Cohen
Paul Cohen
Leonard Delgaty
Alan English
Paul English
Annie Maxie
Donald Michaelson
Lilly Maidment
Jacqueline Nicholls
Jean Nicholls
Peter Nicholls
Daniel Stow
Ernest Stow
David Rasy
Joyce Sutton
Leslie Sutton
Rose Ward

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  • Suggest you look up BALDOCK MAIL dated April 2012 and story of evacuee John Harvey. Would love to have your comments..

    By John Harvey (12/04/2019)